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Frequently Asked Questions

How runs this site?

This site is run by John Arthur, a local historian from Leith who has studied Leiths history for many years. The web site itself is designed and built by Chris Arthur

Do you take article submissions?

We are always keen to receive new articles whether you have a special area of Leith knowledge or whether you wish to tell us about your life in Leith. Please contact us with any story ideas or articles that have been written

How is this site funded?

This site is paid for out of John and Chris’ own pockets with some revenue coming from adverts hosted on the site keeping the sites content free to our visitors

What should I do if I find a mistake?

If you suspect you’ve found a mistake with either the articles or web site itself then please contact us stating the nature of the problem.

Can I use content on my own site?

Please contact us if you wish to host selected articles on your own site or if you want to include them in a email newsletter

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