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Note recording lazy Victorian labourer’s tendency to ‘slope off’ found hidden in building he was working on after 117 years

He was the lazy labourer who thought he could knock off early and go unnoticed in the middle of a job. But William Clutton’s Victorian workmates made sure his feckless nature would not go unnoticed.

They might have literally hidden their displeasure at his work-shy ways – but, 117 years after his colleagues placed their revenge inside a wax-sealed milk bottle and secreted it under newly-laid floorboards, modern day builders have found a note recording William’s nickname of ‘Sloper’.

The note, written in pencil on the back of a scrap of original blue floral wallpaper, bears the names of the Victorian work team and what input they had in the renovation of the terraced house in the village of Ash near Sandwich, Kent. for more click here

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