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The press office is constantly providing the media with interesting stories about the exciting discoveries our members have made in the course of their research. Currently, we’re looking for specific stories regarding the following:

Prisoners of War – Do you know of an ancestor who was kept as a prisoner of war? Do you know where they were detained or if they managed to escape?

German Links – Do you know of any German relatives that went missing, were injured or died on the battlefields of WW1? Do you have any further information about their military career?

Sea Captains or Ship Masters – Were any of your relatives captain of a ship of did they receive a shipmaster’s certificate? Do you have any additional information about the ship that they captained or the different places they travelled?

Divorce – Did any of your ancestors get divorced in the 19th or early 20th century? Was their divorce particularly scandalous or were they divorced multiple times?

War Heroes – Are you aware if any of your ancestors were commended for their bravery, displayed great courage in the face of the enemy or fought in an infamous WW2 battle?

Amazing Discoveries – Have you discovered any interesting links to royalty, notorious criminal, famous ancestors or war heroes? Are there any other intriguing characters in your family tree?

If you have made an interesting discovery in your family relating to any of the above and would like your story to be told in the media, please forward this email to our press team at and answer the following questions:

What is your name?

What is your contact number and email address? (Please supply both)

Where do you live?

Please provide a brief summary of your family story and categorise it at the top of your email i.e. ‘Divorce’, ‘ War Heroes’ (please DO NOT attach any images or files to your story)

Are you willing to share this story in the media?

source-The press office

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