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Dorset, England, Militia Lists, 1757-1860 Provided in Association with

English militias were part-time military units established at the county level for home defence. After a dormant period following the Civil War, they were reinstated by the 1757 Militia Act. When volunteers proved insufficient, a parish selected men by ballot. These men then either served or found a substitute to take their place. The Dorset History Centre provides the following background on these records:

The Lord Lieutenant for each county was responsible for arming, training and mustering able-bodied men

When the Militia was raised, each county was given a quota of men and the Lord Lieutenant would allocate this number between the hundreds in his county

Lists of able-bodied men between 18 and 50 (after 1762 the age was lowered to 45) in each tithing were drawn up and from these lists the names of those who were to serve in the militia were selected by ballot for more click here

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