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Stunning Color photographs cast new light the lives of children in 1940s America as the nation awakens from the Great Depression and prepares for the Second World War

Stunning full-color photos offer a rare glimpse into the lives of children in early 1940s America — a seldom-discussed time when the nation was waking up from the Great Depression and readying itself for war. Children were caught in the extremes of a nation in the midst of a great transformation. Abject poverty in rural areas and tenements meant many youngsters were forced to work the fields and factories to help their parents scrape together a living.

Other images show children attending school and receiving medical care. One image features a well-dressed boy outside a department store window at Christmas time, conjuring a classic holiday sight that persisted through the early 1960s. The newly-released photos are part of a Library of Congress project to digitize and upload a trove of pictures that were taken by photographers hired by the Farm Security Administration for a Depression-era New Deal program. for more click here

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