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Canada, Militia and Defence Forces Lists, 1832, 1863-1939

The publications included in this data collection make up a fairly comprehensive list of Canadian military officers for almost 80 years. The books are primarily printed lists of Canadian officers—no enlisted men are included—and note details such as name, rank, unit, dates and places of service, and dates of promotion, transfer, and possibly retirement. Some may also include a date of birth and other personal details, and some have indexes in the back. The lists are an excellent resource for following a military ancestor’s career and are also useful for tracing the careers of British officers in Canada or a Canadian officer serving in England.

Records for some years or quarters are missing, and the records for 1832 are in French and cover only the historic province of Bas-Canada (Lower Canada). Series were not published in 1920-1921, 1929, 1933, and 1937. for more click here

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