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Adoption records

Adoptions before 1930
Before 1930 adoptions were arranged on a private basis, either by individuals or by one of a number of charitable adoption agencies. NAS currently holds no records for adoptions before 1930.

Adoptions after 1930
The Adoption of Children (Scotland) Act, 1930 introduced legal adoption into Scotland from that year. Adoptions since then have normally been arranged by charitable bodies or by local authority social work departments and then ratified by the civil courts. The majority of adoptions are ratified through the local sheriff courts, although a tiny number (perhaps two or three each year) are settled through the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Advice and counselling
Often adopted people can find the whole business of tracking down their birth parents very distressing. Similarly, the adoption papers themselves can sometimes contain upsetting revelations. Because of this it is best to seek advice and counselling before beginning such a search. If you are starting from scratch, the best first step is to identify the agency that arranged the adoption. The following services both offer counselling and advice: for more click here

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