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News: The legacy of Robert Burns

Robert Burns (1759-1796) was Scotland’s best known poet. He was a tenant farmer in Ayrshire who came to prominence through the publication of his poems in the 1780s. His intention had been to raise money from his poems to emigrate to Jamaica, but the reaction to his work, especially in Edinburgh persuaded him to change his plans. He left Ayrshire to spend the winters of 1786/7 and 1787/8 in Edinburgh and also embarked upon several tours around Scotland, absorbing the local cultures of folklore and song. He resettled into farm life at Ellisland, Dumfriesshire with Jean Armour, whom he married in 1788, but in 1792 obtained work as an excise officer at Dumfries, where he spent the last five years of his life. for more click here

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