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Great Britain, Royal Naval Division Casualties of The Great War, 1914-1924

The RND was a unique formation in WWI, raised by the Admiralty to serve in their then traditional role as Infantrymen fighting ‘shoulder to shoulder’ alongside their Army comrades in an emergency. The RND originally consisted of three Infantry Brigades (two Naval and one Royal Marine) of twelve Battalions (eight Naval and four Royal Marine). As the war progressed, casualties and a lack of recruits forced the RND to steadily reduce their Naval personnel establishment. Two Naval Battalions were disbanded in June 1915; the Royal Marine Brigade and two Royal Marine Battalions were disbanded in August 1915. Two more Naval Battalions were disbanded in February 1918 and one Royal Marine Battalion in April 1918. At the war’s end the RND’s Naval strength maintained only two Brigades of five Battalions (four Naval and one Royal Marine Battalion). The Army supplied the shortfall in Battalions & Brigades to the establishment of the Division from July 1916 onwards. for more click here

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