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Genealogy Tip of the Week

Family bibles can be a great source of genealogy information. Our ancestors often wrote the names and date of birth of family members on the inside blank pages. However, people sometimes dismiss family bibles because they don’t recognize the last names written in it. They think it must be another family’s bible. This is where this genealogy tip of the week comes into play.

Family bibles are particularly useful at tracking down female lineage in a family. This is because family bibles are a heirloom that is almost always passed down to the oldest daughter in a family.

This means that every generation written in the bible will have a different last name (assuming the woman marries and takes on her husband’s name). So, if you have a family bible in your possession, what you are probably looking at are one or more generations of ancestors on your mother, grandmother, g grandmother, gg grandmother’s side, etc.

Time to dig out that family bible and take another look at it. Another useful genealogy tip of the week….

source-GenealogyInTime Newsletter

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