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List of Texan survivors of the Battle of the Alamo

When the Battle of the Alamo ended at approximately 6:30 a.m. on March 6, 1836, fewer than 50 of the almost 250 Texians and Tejanos who had occupied the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas were alive. The conflict, a part of the Texas Revolution, was the first step in Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s attempt to retake the province of Texas after an insurgent army of Texian settlers and adventurers from the United States had driven out all Mexican troops the previous year As part of his preparations for marching on Texas, in late December 1835 Santa Anna had convinced the Mexican Congress to pass a resolution that all “foreigners landing on the coast of the Republic or invading its territory by land, armed, and with the intent of attacking our country, will be deemed pirates” and subject to immediate execution. Santa Anna led an army to San Antonio de Bexar, arriving on February 23, 1836 and immediately initiating a siege of the Alamo, which housed Texian Army troops. for more click here

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