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BOGGIS-ROLFE: an entry records four generations of this family, headed by Douglass Horace Boggis-Rolfe of Wormingford, Essex (born 1874). Connected with HEYDEMAN and COLLINS. Cross-referenced to Surrey 4/59 and Norfolk 34/195. College reference: Surrey 32/33.
FISHER: a pedigree of four generations descends to the present day from Charles Howard Kerridge Fisher of Compton Surrey, formerly of the Borough of Acton, Middlesex. He married in 1923 to Ethel Mary daughter of Sidney Reclift Chope. College reference: Surrey 32/46.
GRAINGER: a pedigree records a six-generation descent from George Albert Grainger of Camberwell, co.London (born 1865), and Emma Louisa his wife, daughter of George James Davis. College reference: Surrey 32/43.
HARCOURT: a pedigree records a descent from Sir Thomas Harcourt of Ellenhall, Staffordshire, of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, and of Market Bosworth, Leicestershire (died 1420). The descent continues via the families of BESILLS, FETIPLACE, PUREFOY, DORNE or THORNE. Three generations of the DUDLEY family include Thomas Dudley of Roxbury, Massachusetts, who emigrated to New England in 1630 in the “Winthrop Fleet” with his wife, two sons and four daughters. The descent then continues via the families of DENISON, five generations of ROGERS, then WENDELL, GOODWIN, WARNER and MILLAR. It concludes with a descent to the present day from James Millar of Plymouth, Massachusetts (born 1873), who married Margaret daughter of William Pearson Warner of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cross-referenced to: Dugdale trefoil part 2/34; H20/14b; C12 part 2/133; G12/65; C8/65b-66; C14/146b-147. College reference: Norfolk 51/177.
SMITH and NEVILLE-SMITH: a pedigree of five generations is headed by Sir George John Smith of Truro, Cornwall (born 1845). He married Jane Symons, daughter of Edward Burgess of Wells, Somerset. Crossreferenced to Surrey 15/333. College reference: Surrey 32/39.
TRY: An entry records seven generations of this family, headed by Thomas Try of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire (died circa 1671), who married Anna daughter and coheir of Richard Jones of Hanham, Gloucestershire. It descends to Sarah Emma daughter of Hardwick (otherwise Hardwick Shakespeare) Trye, of Mile End Old Town,
Middlesex. She married in 1852 to James Richards. Connected to WHITE and PAYNE. College reference: Norfolk 51/176.

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