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Centenary of Society of Genealogists

Centenary of Society of Genealogists: 2011 marks the centenary of the Society of Genealogists. It is perhaps surprising to learn that in February 1911 the proposed formation of the Society was opposed by the College of Arms. The heralds were evidently worried that the Society would divert professional genealogical work away from the College. Negotiations ensued, as a result of which a number of changes were made to the draft Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Society. Its incorporation as a company duly went ahead on 8 May 1911. Relations between the two bodies are altogether more cordial a century later. Several Officers of Arms have taken an active part in the Society’s affairs, and the current President of the Society is Patric Dickinson, Clarenceux King of Arms. He has written a short piece about the 1911 dispute for the recently published Society of Genealogists: a century of family history. Arms were granted to the Society on the occasion of its 75th anniversary in 1986.

source-The College of Arms

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