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The Kinghorn Memorial-South Leith Church, Edinburgh

(In North Aisle.)
The monument itself is Gothic in design and arranged in two panels. There are too many names on it to be dealt with at length.
It is so evidently of the same time and style as the Reoch Memorial, although on a much smaller scale, that one wonders if the architect
and the sculptor were not the same for both Memorials. Unfortunately, no records remain to assist one in determining the question. This
Memorial, like many of the others, presses home the fact that nearly all Leith families have originated in the country, and that very seldom
do they continue in the direct line for more than a century in our midst. In the present case some descendants remain in the Town, but
it is one of the few monuments of which this may be said. It is unique in this respect, that it is the only mural monument which links itself up with a family still worshipping, in one of its branches, in South Leith Church. If everything in this world changes, we are all the more driven in on Him who changeth not. As God is the same, yesterday, to-day
and for ever, we may gather confidence that the soul which reflects His image, in those who exercise faith and love, shall shine for ever in
His lustre.
Left Panel
In memory of
Smith in Leith, died 3rd July 1815,
aged 73 years.
his Wife, died 25th August 1819,
aged 75 years.
their Son, died in infancy.
their Daughters.
builder in Leith, died 23rd July 1838,
aged 69 years.
his first Wife, died llth November 1811,
aged 32 years.
HELEN and MARGARET, their Daughters.
their Son, died 14th June 1838,
aged 35 years.
his second Wife, died 25th Jan., 1848,
aged 67 years.
their Son, died 26th Oct., 1847,
aged 30 years.
Second Panel.
In memory of
of Bonnington Villa,
who erected this tablet,
died 16th April 1874, aged 73 years.
Wife of Alexander Kinghorn,
died 29th January 1860, aged 57 years.
Son of Alexander Kingliom
and Catherine Murphy,
died 6th October 1886, aged 58 years.
died 6th November 1872, aged 38 years.
two of their Children,
died 18th December 1880 and
4th January 1873, aged 17 and 4 years.
eldest Daughter of
Alexander Kinghorn and Catherine Murphy,
died 5th July 1897, aged 66 years.
Hugh Kinghom and Barbara Reid,
died 30th October 1905, aged 37 years.
THIS Memorial was placed in the church by Mr William Kinghorn, who was the eldest son of Hugh Kinghom and of his wife, Alison Henderson. He was born in January 1802. Hugh Kinghorn was a builder, and was succeeded by his son, who greatly developed and extended the business. His premises were situated in Coburg Street, North Leith. The
site is now occupied by Messrs Johnstone & Rose. William Kinghom carried out a number of important building contracts, among these
being the erection of some of the Barracks at Edinburgh Castle, an extension of the East Pier of Leith, and the building of several
lighthouses, including Skerryvore, Whalsay Skerries, and North Ronaldshay. William Kinghom found time, between 1849 and 1851, to serve in. the Town Council of Leith. He was a Bailie in 1850. He was
also a Deacon of the Incorporation of Wrights. He died unmarried in 1874, in his 73rd year.
William Kinghorn was succeeded in the business by his nephew, Hugh Kinghorn. A daughter of his became the wife of Captain Macintosh, who did excellent service during the War in connection with the direction of all the Pilotage of the Firth of Forth. He retired with the, rank of Commander iu the R.N.R.
At the present moment, and for some years, he has been Master of the ancient Trinity House. He is also, through his mother, a nephew of William Kinghorn.
The common ancestor of the various Kinghorns mentioned on the Memorial came from Ormiston in East Lothian. A son of his was James Kinghorn, born in the West Kirk Parish of Edinburgh ia April 1776. One of
his sous, older than was James Kinghom, was bom in North Leith in 1799, from whom were descended James Kinghorn and Marion Kinghom.
From this James Kinghom are descended Mr James Kinghorn, one of the elders of South Leith Parish Church, and his sisters, two of whom have for many years been identified with the Sabbath Schools in helpful and untiring service. A brother of theirs was Hugh J. S. Kinghorn, M.A., “who was born in 1870, and was on the staff of George Watson’s
School. Responding to the call for workers the Foreign Field, he accepted a post with Universities Mission at Kalimpong, India, in
November 1909. He laboured there with acceptance until his death in September 1914.
Marion Kinghom, the aunt of the above-family, married, in 1863, James Miles, who 50 years was associated with the of the Poor Law in Leith. He was, first of all, Inspector of Poor for the Parish of North Leith. Afterwards he became Clerk to the Leith Parish Council. Among her family are Mr J. Kinghorn Miles, S.S.C., Leith. and the well-known surgeon, Alexander Miles. M.D.,F.R.C.S., LL.D., who has established a reputation both at Leith Hospital and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

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