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Roll of the Peerage

On 1 June 2004 a Royal Warrant was issued which required the creation and maintenance of a Roll of the Peerage. The responsibility for this now rests with the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. Under the terms of the Royal Warrant any person who succeeds to a Peerage must prove his or her succession and be placed on the Roll, otherwise that person may not be legally recognized as a Peer in official documents. The Roll of the Peerage is an officially compiled and maintained list, intended to contain the names of all living peers. Peers are enrolled in it in the following circumstances: Hereditary Peers who have proved succession in accordance with the terms of the 2004 Royal Warrant; Hereditary Peers who up to 1999 received a Writ of Summons; Hereditary Peers who from 1999 have proved their succession in order to be eligible either for election to a vacant seat amongst the remaining 92 hereditary peers in a House of Lords ‘by-election’, or to vote in such a by-election; Life Peers. Th
therefore not included on the Roll. The Roll itself is maintained by the Registrar of the Peerage, an official of the Crown Office, part of the Ministry of Justice. It is , together with the text of the Royal Warrant,
explanatory notes, and information about proving succession. The published Roll of the Peerage will be revised every month.

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