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KNIGHTS of the THISTLE. (as in 1829)

Motto, Nemo me. impune lacesset — Ribbon, Green.
Instituted 787 — Restored 1540— Revived 1687.
The Sovereign
Duke of Clarence
Duke of Atholl
Karl Cathcart
Earl of Aberdeen
Earl of Galloway
Earl ofAbergavenny
Marq. of Ailesbury
Marq.of Tweeddale
Marq. Queensberry
Earl of Cassilis
Earl of l.auderdale
Viscount Melville
Earl of Aboyne
Karl of Warwick
Earl of Moray
Earl of File
William Lawrence Brown, D. D. Dean of the Order.
Lord Robert Ker, Secretary.
Earl of Kinnoull, Lord Lyon King of Arms.
R. Quarme, Esq. Gentleman Usher of the Green Rodl.

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