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KNIGHTS of the GARTER — 1350.(as in 1829)

Ribbon, Blue.
The Sovereign
Duke of Clarence
Duke of Cumberland
Duke of Sussex
Duke of Cambridge
Duke of Gloucester
Emperor of Austria
King of Prussia
King of Spain
King of Netherlands
Prince SaxeCobourg
King of Denmark
King of France
Emperor of Russia
Earl of Chatham
E. of Westmorland
Earl Spepcer
Marq. Caraden
Duke of Rutland
Earl of Hardwicke
Duke of Beaufort
Marq. of Stafford
Earl of Lonsdale
Marq. Wellesley
Duke of Montrose
Duke of Newcastle
Duke of Wellington
Earl Bathurst
Marq. of Anglesey
D. Northumberland
D. of Buckingham
Marq. of Hertford
Marq. of Bath
Duke of Dorset
Duke of Leeds
Duke of Devonshire
Marq. of Exeter
Bishop of Winchester, Prelate. Bishop of Salisbury, Chancellor.
Dean of Windsor, Regist — Sir Geo. Nayler, Garter Prim
Sir T. Tyrwhitt,’ Usher of the Black Rod.
(c) John Arthur

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