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Extracts from Cambusnethan Old Parochial Accounts 1707 – 1815

What are Mort Cloth Records?
During the 18th and 19th centuries, the church was responsible for the maintenance of the poor and the enforcing of moral standards in the community.
Funds were raised through landowners who subsequently passed on some of this cost to their tenants. The Old Parish Records Accounts is a ledger of sort that lists contributions and collections, and how the money was spent, i.e. kirk maintenance, wages, donations to charities and to the local population who may have fell on hard times.
Another source of income was from the renting of shrouds (mort cloths) for covering the dead bodies or casket prior to burial. (probably not very hygienic as they were only rented and reused). Depending on each parish they were set in several categories and costs, these usually were New, Plush, Best and Children. for more click here

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