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Old Westminsters, Up to 1927

The origin of Westminster School in London is unknown, but it has been proven that it was in existence at least by the fourteenth century. This database contains a biographical list of all the individuals known to have attended Westminster School from the earliest of times until 1927. The earliest names however, are from the mid-sixteenth century during which the school was under the foundation of Henry VIII. The primary sources from which this list has been compiled are the Admission Books, School Lists, the Buttery Book, and the Parentelae. Other sources were used as well, but whenever an individual was found among these other records and not among the records of the School or the Dean it is marked by an asterisk. The preface and explanatory notes found at the beginning of volume 1 contain a good deal of information regarding the sources used for this compilation and should be consulted in order to get the most use out of this database. Volume 2 contains a supplement, compiled by D. C. Simpson and L. E. Tanner, covering admissions from 1921 to 1927, as well as several appendices, which contain other important information relating to the school and those who attended it. for more click here

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