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The complete British Army WWI Service Records‏

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The complete British Army WWI Service Records are only available online with us.

We have some great news for those people looking for family members who fought in the Great War. We have finished indexing all the surviving British Army WWI Service Records. Previously records were only available online up to the letter N – but now if you can’t find the record here you won’t find it anywhere else.

Although German bombers destroyed some, 2.8m records survived or were carefully reconstructed from pensions records. Finally, after two years of painstaking work, these astonishing records are ready for you to research online.

As well as the WWI Service Records we have some other great WWI records for you to enjoy and search through.

De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour, 1914-1924

In the early days of war, the Marquis de Ruvigny started a roll of honour giving biographical details, and portraits, of those who died. Sadly the scale of the losses in 1916 and 1917 overwhelmed him and the project couldn’t be completed. But there are 25,000 entries – including 7000 accompanied by photos – all available online.

Ireland, Casualties of WWI, 1914-1918

Do you have Irish ancestors? If so they may be honoured among the 49,000 Irish conscripts who served and died in the Great War. These records are works of art, originally published in 8 volumes and beautifully illustrated by eminent artists of the day, such as Harry Clarke. They’re well worth researching for appearance alone.

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