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Reid’s Court-Canongate,Edinburgh

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(c) John Arthur

Kirkwood. o.s. Kerr. Reid’s Yard, Ainslie. Reid’Coach Yard, p.w. list 1779. Reid’Close, Can. Chart. 31/l/1833. Blyth’s Close, Prot. J.H. Canong. 21 and 24/8/1700. James Reid was a coachmaker ‘opposite Milton’s Lodging’, p.w. 1773. A new stone tenement stood at the head of Lochend’s Close, with the lands of James Reid, coachmaker, on the east, Can. Chart. 15/5/1801. The site seems to have been long owned by the family. John Reid, smith, owned land east of that of James Fergusson of Lochend before 1682, Prot. J.H. Canong. 9/11/1682, 21 and 241 James Reid acquired land in the Tolbooth Wynd, 26th January from Wm. Lawder, coachmaker, probably father or brother of A lauder, spouse of the said James Reid, and mother of his son James Reid, writer in the College Wynd, Can. Chart. 10/2/1780; p.w. 1780. Mention is made of George Reid, cutler, probably a son of John, Prot. J.H.Canong. 9/11/1682. The entry to the court seems to have been known as Blyth’s Close, which is described Prot. J.H. Canong. 9/11/1682, 21 and 24/8/1700 as lying to the west of Rae’s (now Campbell’s) Close, but this seems to be the only mention of it, and no derivation is even suggested.
Edinburgh Street Derivation

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