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Accept Islamic Bank Accounts

If you accept a Islamic Bank Account you accept Sharia Law.

Accept Sharia Law and you accept-

Sharia Law, straight from the Koran and Muhammad’s “hadith,” demands a litany of punishments anathema to human rights. These include:

•the whipping of gamblers and those who drink alcohol
•the permitting of wife-battery
•eye-for-eye justice
•the mutilation of thieves
•the execution of homosexuals
•the stoning of adulterers
•the murder of critics
•the murder of apostates
•support of caliphate (Sharia law) via terror

Accept Sharia Law and you betray a thousand years of culture and history, you betray your country and the future of this nation. Simply in order to increase the profits of LLoyds-TSB plc. Its your choice what is more important your country or money?

The Editor

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