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The Last Samurai and Europe’s First Suicide

Between Roppongi and Akasaka – the two fanciest precints in Tokyo — there lies a somnolent spot, curiously underutilized for this, among the most expensive acres of land anywhere in the world. It’s the residence of a long-dead Japanese soldier, crouching under a shroud of weeping cherry trees in the shadow of Japan’s tallest and most fabulous building, the Midtown Project.

The opulent Midtown Project has a motto: “Introducing Japan’s newest significance to the world.” But right next to it, in this austere, smallish house built in 1902 with a red-brick stable and a compact garden, Japan’s oldest significance to the world may be found.

For Tom Cruise was not the last samurai. General Maresuke Nogi was. for more click here

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