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What are the new membership packages all about?

As Ancestry’s UK and international record collections have grown by over 100% in the past year, the need has arisen to create record packages which are more closely aligned with the various phases and geographical needs of our members’ family history research. The new packages provide clearer content options for members depending on their level of advancement and where their ancestors come from, and in doing so also represent better value for money as members only pay for the records they need to access.

For example, Ancestry knows that most new members only use core UK records such as census and BMD whereas more experienced members want to explore a wider range of UK records such as immigration and parish. Most advanced members also want international content, including Irish records.

Also, depending on what knowledge they already have about their family history, members may need just UK records, or a combination of UK, Irish and/or other international records.

From the 13th of August 2008, the Ancestry Packages will be:

Essentials – designed for beginners. This package contains all essential UK records needed to start researching your family history – for example BMD indexes, census records, our complete military records and any parish records that do not predate 1837.

Essentials membership price

Annual: £83.40 (works out to be £6.95 per month)

Monthly: £10.95

Premium – designed for more experienced users who wish to dig far deeper into their UK roots using not only Essential records, but also parish and probate, immigration and Irish records, and also several major UK collections soon to be released.

Premium membership price

Annual: £107.40 (works out to be £8.95 per month)

Monthly: £12.95

Worldwide – for advanced users interested in taking their research beyond the UK mainland to Ireland and around the world, this collection enables them to take their search truly global

Worldwide membership price

Annual: £155.40 (works out to be £12.95 per month)

Monthly: £18.95

How existing Ancestry members will be affected

Customers may be worried that all new content will only be made available to Premium members – this is not the case. The general rule is that Essentials will not have access to anything that predates 1837 or any content that is a little more niche in terms of advanced family history research.

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