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James Murdoch

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“Hi, I have just started to trace my family tree, and I am trying to find my great grandfathers exact date and place of birth. His name is James Murdoch, I have his death cirtificate, he died on the 7th July 1833 aged 85 years 10 months in Oakey Queensland, he had been in Queensland Australia 66 years. And had come over from Scotland.His first wife was Hanna Robinson whom he married in Stratford Kent.He later remarried in Australia to Elizabeth Erdman my pops mother.His fathers name is William Murdoch mothers maiden name is Mckenzie.. Any help would be greatly appriciated, my pop is 95, so asking any information is a little difficult. Yours sincerly Sandra Wood (murdoch)”

If anyone can help please send the information to in order that I can pass it on.

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