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Recently Recorded Pedigrees

BRAIN: a pedigree of three generations shows the children and grandchildren of Christopher Michael Brain of Peterston-super-Ely, Vale of Glamorgan (born 1939). Connected with the families of MORGAN and MACGINNIS. College reference: Surrey 31/285.
GOOCH: a pedigree of six generations has been placed on record, which is headed by Sir Daniel Gooch (died 1889) and by Margaret his wife, daughter of Henry Tanner of Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham. It descends to the present day via George Daniel Gooch of Rodborough, co. Gloucester, later of Kingswood, co. Surrey. Cross-referenced to Baronets’ Pedigrees 6/245, Baronets’ Pedigrees 14/287, and Surrey 7/36. College reference: Surrey 31/281.
GRIFFITHS: a five-generation pedigree shows a descent from Henry Griffiths of Upper Llanvrechva, Monmouthshire (died 1915) to the present day. College reference: Norfolk 51/99.
JEJEEBHOY: a succession pedigree of three generations headed by Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, baronet, formerly known as Maneckjee Rustomjee (born 1913), father of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, baronet. Cross-referenced to Baronets’ Pedigrees 14/137. College reference: Baronets’ Pedigrees 14/345.
RHYS JONES: a pedigree of nine generations is headed by Hugh Jones of Nantmel, co. Radnor and of Llanavan, co. Brecon, who married in 1729, Jane Lloyd of Nantmel. The pedigree descends via Theophilus Rhys Jones of Sidcup, co. Kent (died 1901) to the present day. Cross-referenced to: Descendants of Queen Victoria 48, 50. College reference: Norfolk 51/96.
ST PAUL: a pedigree shows the children of Sir Horace David Cholwell St Paul, baronet, by Ann Isaacson. Cross-referenced to Surrey 2/201, Baronets’ Pedigrees 3/266, Norfolk 50/55, Arundel 3/56. College reference: Surrey 31/269.

source-The College of Arms.

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