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Lancastria Commemorative Medal (PE1062)

The Convener: We have a particularly full agenda, with nine new petitions and 11 current petitions for consideration.

PE1062, by Mark Hirst on behalf of the Lancastria Association of Scotland, calls on the Scottish Parliament

“to commission a commemorative medal to be awarded to all those (or the relatives of victims, or relatives of survivors who have now passed away) who were aboard the troopship Lancastria on 17th June 1940 when she was sunk by German bombers, claiming the lives of an estimated 4000 people, mostly troops of the British Expeditionary Force, and which resulted in Britain’s worst ever maritime disaster and worst single loss of life for British forces in the whole of World War 2, in recognition of the sacrifice of the victims and the endurance of those survivors who have tried to keep the memory of their fallen comrades alive for the past 67 years.” for more click here

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