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Cochrane The Dauntless: The Life and Adventures of Thomas Cochrane, 1775-1860

By rights, Thomas Cochrane should be as well known today as Francis Drake. In his own time, during and after the Napoleonic wars, this dashing Scotsman – an intrepid sea captain, radical MP, key figure in the liberation of at least two Latin American countries and a man of apparently fathomless courage – was regularly eulogised for his exploits. Fellow naval officers talked of his “matchless intrepidity” and “inexhaustible resources in war”; grateful Latin American revolutionaries hailed the glory of his name “[which] will be transmitted from generation to generation by the gratitude of our descendants”. Writers showered him with praise. Sir Walter Scott wrote a poem in his honour; Byron, hearing of his exploits as a liberator in Peru, announced that “there is no man I envy so much as Lord Cochrane”. for more click here

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