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The Scottish Government will work with Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor to help him introduce a members bill for a National Register of Tartan, it was announced today.

Mr McGrigor had brought forward a bill to set up a register in the previous parliamentary term. It was withdrawn when the previous administration agreed to consider the best way forward. In the summer, Enterprise Minister Jim Mather signalled the new Government’s support for the idea.

Further work has now been done and it has been agreed that the best way to proceed is for Mr McGrigor bring a revised Bill back to Parliament as a Members Bill. When this Bill comes to Parliament, the Government will then work with him to assist the Bill’s parliamentary passage.

The MSP and the Government will now aim to have a Register set up by the spring. Speaking at Kinloch Anderson, Tartan manufacturers and retailers in Edinburgh, which he was visiting alongside Mr McGrigor, Mr Mather said:

“This government is committed to a new way of working that recognises, listens to and develops good ideas from across the Parliament. We want to work collaboratively on areas where there is genuine consensus, and we look forward to working with Mr McGrigor to create a National Register of Tartan that promotes and preserves one of Scotland’s most valuable assets.

“The idea of a Tartan Register is one that I always believed had real merit. I look forward to seeing the proposals come forward. Hopefully soon we will be in the position where people across the world can use the Register as an on-line resource to create, research and buy their own family tartan.”

Mr McGrigor said:

“I am delighted that the new Scottish Government has given me its full backing as I reintroduce to Parliament a Bill to establish a national Tartan Register.

“My previous Member’s Bill attracted cross-party support and I hope that the new Bill will also do so.

“Officials have put in a great deal of effort to work with the tartan industry to come together and map out a way forward and I look forward to building on the consensus that has been achieved as we take the legislation through Parliament.

“Tartan is such an iconic part of Scotland’s culture and heritage and the establishment of a National Register will I hope help ensure that Scotland remains the Mecca for tartan worldwide in the future.”


In the Parliamentary session 2006/07 Jamie McGrigor MSP tabled a Members’ Bill for a publicly funded national register to recognise, classify and authenticate tartans. This attracted a good level of cross party support and Mr McGrigor agreed to withdraw his Bill on the basis that the previous administration was supportive of his proposal. In the summer, Minister for Enterprise Jim Mather confirmed the Scottish Government supported the idea. See news release at:

Source-Scottish Executive

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