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USA Cricket – A Brief History

In a 1889 book titled “Cricket” by AG Steel with contributions by WG Grace, Andrew Lang and others, Mr. Lang gives some clues about how cricket came into being and how it spread beyond England. He says “crice” was Anglo-Saxon for a staff, hence cricket, just as “crosso” a Bishop’s crosier, may be at the bottom of lacrosse. Andrew Lang wrote that British adventurers and explorers took cricket wherever they went.

Especially interesting is the 1675 letter that Henry Onage wrote from the Royal Oak, her Majesty’s ship at Aleppe. Henry, who was the Chaplain writes that the ship’s crew and officers had fun at “duck hunting, fishing, shooting, handball, krickett, and then a noble dinner, with greats plenty of all sorts of wine, punch, and lemonade.” Back in those days, wickets were just two forked sticks with a single straight piece going across. for more click here

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