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Death and Burials

Respecting one’s deceased ancestors is a very important tradition in Chinese culture. Burial of the dead often involves a complex array of ceremonies and methods of burial that can include post-burial rites and care after burial. Acclimatisation of the deceased’s spirit in its new environment in the underworld is of prime importance. Death and burial customs vary regionally but also according to the wealth of the family, marital status and age. Commonly bodies are exhumed about seven years after their first burial and the bones placed in urns. Many do not reach the second burial stage which can take many years. At this stage a geomancer is used, by those who can afford them, to determine a well-omened place for the tomb. It is important that relatives follow correct burial proceedures and take note of auspicous signs during burial rites. If done correctly a burial can bring prosperity and good fortune to the family and descendants of the deceased, conversely an ill-planned burial can lead to bad fortune. for more click here

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