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Sources for Emigrants

Although their are few records held at the National Archive of Scotland the main records being held at the Public Record Office at Kew in London. The National Archives of Scotland can still help you.

The Archives hold the Records for the Highland and Island Emigration Society to help Highlanders settle in Australia between 1851-1859. The records for passenger lists survive for the years 1852-1857. Recorded by Ship/family and by name, residence, and age. (HD4/5)

The Records of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries contain emigration information for Canada in the 1880’s (AF51)

The Registers of the Privy Council contain records of the Convenanters sent to the American Colonies in the 17th century. Records may also appear in the records of the High Court of Justiciary (JC or JC39)
Transportation of convicts to America in 1770’s are found in the lists JC41.

There are also records extant on the transportation of convicts to Australia in 1837-55. Calton Jail recods 1852-874 (HH21/5//16. Also Convict transport Registers 1787-1870 (RH4/160 on microfilm.

Further Records are held in the Public Record Office at Kew London

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