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27/4/2007 Announces New Services

Announcing a unique opportunity where one individual will have their family tree researched by a growing internet family tree research company in the United Kingdom for free.

(PRWEB) April 26, 2007 — Genealogy research in the United Kingdom is getting whole lot easier thanks to the expanding internet services being offered by has only been established for 18 months; however during these 18 months, the company has undergone a transformation in the way that they conduct research techniques for their clients. With the addition of a new employee, their numerous resources available and the purchase of new Microfiche reader, all family tree research packages being offered by have been carefully refined and are now giving their clients some of the most comprehensive family history dossiers available on the market today.

Potential clients have the option of selecting one of three Family Tree Research packages which are:-

1) Basic Family Tree Research Package – 6 hours of Family History Research, this package is ideal for those who need a helping hand to get started and the results of this package provide an excellent basis for future research

2) Medium Family Tree Research Package – 15 hours of Family History Research, this package allows for more in depth research and maybe adds some leaves to the family tree branches.

3) Advanced Family Tree Research Package – 25 hours of Family History Research, this package allows for more detailed research and gives an insight into exactly how past ancestors lived.

Since has recently updated their website services, they are giving away their medium Family Tree Research package shown above to one individual. This is an opportunity that rarely comes around and Marie, the founder of states “Your family history and your identify should be preserved for future generations, especially since families now tend to spend less time interacting and sharing stories as they once used too.” Marie also highlights that, “I want to give one individual the opportunity of having their family history traced and hopefully make it a proud heirloom that can be discovered by future family members.”

With, they will personally take care of the uncertainty that comes with tracing family history, especially since Genealogy can be a time consuming and daunting topic for any beginner. understands that the most important information available to anyone, is actually finding one reliable source for all the information about your family history. Without this one valuable source, precious time may be lost, ancestry lines could be traced incorrectly but more importantly, it could turn out to be a costly venture.

In order to get a good comprehensive start from one reliable source into family history research visit

“We believe in Family History,” concluded Marie. “There are a few things in the world today that are more important when it comes to family, and recording family history is one thing that must be ticked of a ‘to-do’ list in life, not only to trace your ancestors, but also equally as important to preserve the past for future generations. Discovering family history can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and unlocking your family history could help you understand yourself as the person you are today. So hopefully by giving away our medium Family Tree Research package to one individual, we are helping in restoring a sense of family community.”

For additional information in relation to the 15 hours family tree research that will aid in discovering family members visit or for on-line samples, please visit is owned and operated by M. Anderson

Contact details are:
14 St. Michaels Av. North
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE33 3AL
United Kingdom

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