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The Victorian way of…death!


The next time you have time to spare, take a walk around Undercliffe Cemetery in Bradford and look at the monuments and try to interpret their meaning. for more click here

Textiles & Cotton Mills In Manchester & Lancashire
Manchester, and the towns of the region, generated much of Britain’s 19th century wealth, as well as pioneering much of its technological groundbreaking achievements. for more click here


Britain, and especially the northwest of England, gained the reputation as the ‘Workshop of the World’.

It achieved this by driving up its production output massively through a combination of invention, mechanisation and hard, hard labour. The pioneers of the revolution wouldn’t have made their mark in history without the working families who make the factories rattle and hum every single day. for more click here


The nineteenth century saw a huge growth in the population of Great Britain.

The reason for this increase is not altogether clear. Various ideas have been put forward; larger families; more children surviving infancy; people living longer; immigration, especially large numbers of immigrants coming from Ireland fleeing the potato famine and the unemployment situation in their own country. for more click here

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