Family Research – English, Scottish and Irish Genealogy


From Aberdeenshire to the ends of the Earth

This is a connected family database. People are not necessarily related, but all connect via spouse links etc. Aberdeenshire is the starting point for the genealogical database. Major surnames include Greig, Smith, Taylor, Wyness, Lugton, Anderson, MacDonald, Noble, Davidson, Mitchell, Duncan, Cordiner, Reid, Gammack, Morrison, Milne, Dalgarno, Watt, Ingram, as well as the Ralphs of Nairn and the Manns of Norfolk, England, etc., but it also covers the USA & Canada (e.g. Wyness, Parley, Tweedie, Greig etc.) & Australia etc. Dates and places for living people are suppressed. for more click here

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