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Genealogy: Census of 1820 saw several format changes

The fourth census of the United States, the 1820, made several changes to the format of the previous three enumerations and represented, up to that time, the census that asked for the most information from the American population.

It was to begin on Aug. 7, 1820, and the enumerators were given 13 months, or until Sept. 7, 1821, to complete their task. The household counts were to represent the family members and visitors who were in that household on Aug. 7, 1820. Like the previous three censuses, babies born after the census date, but in the household when the census taker came around later, were not to be counted. And likewise, members of the household who were alive on Aug. 7 but died after that date were still to be counted even if they were dead by the time the census taker came around. for more click here

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