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Help from Scotlands People

Here at GROS we hold all the records for all Scotland and from 1855 on it was a statutory requirement to register events, so if your ancestors were born , married or died in Scotland they will be here somewhere. The Scotlands People site also has these records but only up to the cut off dates of 100, 75 and 50 years ago for bmd respectively. Although obviously there must be some people who did slip through the net ( particularly in earlier years and in large expanding cities), the most common reason for not finding someone would be a name variation which does not show up either with the soundex or wildcard. The fact that someone or their family had come originally from Ireland would have no bearing at all on the requirement to register an event or be counted in a census. What could happen tho’ is that different accents could lead to different interpretations of names etc by the Registrar or Enumerator hence leading to a version of a name which you might not think to search!

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