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The Dean Memorandum

Before the Suez records could be released to the public, officials had to decide how to deal with the Dean Memorandum. This document, consisting of seven typed pages, had been written by Sir Patrick Dean in 1978 on the advice of Lord Trend, the former Cabinet Secretary, following the publication of Selwyn Lloyd´s book on Suez. The memorandum gave a full account of the meeting at Sèvres on 24 October 1956 and the hastily arranged visit to the Quai D´Orsay on the following day. The purpose of the visit on 25 October, it was revealed, was to destroy all copies of the Protocol that Dean had initialled the previous day. Written in French and typed in three copies, the Protocol set out in precise detail the plan agreed by the three governments to attack Egypt. In addition to Dean’s signature, the Protocol bore the signatures of Christian Pineau, the French Foreign Minister, and David Ben-Gurion, the Prime Minister of Israel. For Eden, the existence of the Protocol was a catastrophe: a smoking gun that exposed the full extent of collusion between Britain, France and Israel. Once completed, the Dean Memorandum was locked away in the Cabinet Office, its existence confined to a select handful of officials. for more click here

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