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She is the world’s foremost short story writer, shaped by her upbringing in Canada. But her Scottish ancestors – including James Hogg – have brought a new inspiration

LIKE a klondyker staking out a claim, Alice Munro has spent her career establishing ownership of the tiny part of Ontario where she grew up. Situated some three hours by car due west of Toronto, Munro County – as it ought to be called – is a flat, featureless landscape with brick houses, dilapidated barns and sprawling trailer parks. There are horses in the fields, bric-a-brac for sale in the yards and a menagerie of roadkill on the highway. It is fall and the leaves are reddening and the skies are high and operatic. Being Thanksgiving, nothing much is moving. The further west you go the road sheds lanes and the decades seem to peel away until you feel as if you are back in the 1950s. for more click here

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