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Lochee and its Irish connections

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Interesting piece on Lochee and its Irish connections. I came from the “other end” of Dundee where my family of immigrants ( Coopers and Kimmets) lived in the parishes of St Mary’s Forebank ( 1850) and St Patrick’s ( 1890) . Family lore has it that the Kimmets were from County Sligo. Daniel Cooper was a baker in the mid 19th century but his origin are unclear.

The east end of the city, Hilltown, Stobswell, Blackscroft, Wallacetown had many more mills, like Baxters, Grimonds, Eagle, Halleys, Manhattean, Malcolm Ogivie’s, Boase, Low and Bonars and a higher Catholic population than Lochee where almost everyone worked for Cox’s.

Despite this the east end never seemed to have the cohesion and identity of Lochee. For example there was no team to match Lochee Harp and, although there were many Irish nationalist sympathisers it id not seem to have the same political ferment.

The highlight of local Irish politics according to my great aunt (born c1895) was when Archbishop Mannix of Melbourne, a well known sympathiser with the Irish cause ex Maynooth hid in St Patrick’s presbytery from the British authorities.

A very good source for allthese events is Wlliam Walkers book JUTEOPOLIS on the history of the textile industry in Dundee.

There is another good account called The Boyhood of a Priest about growing u in the city. It was written by a priest caled Father/Canon Roche the youngest of four brothers -the otheres servedin Dundee he was in ? Brentwood.

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