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Preparations for Tartan Week 2007

From April 1 to 8, 2007 New York City (NYC) hosts a celebration of all that’s great about modern Scotland.

NYC has celebrated Tartan Day since 1999 and, every year, the activities and events have increased to the point that it is now referred to as Tartan Week, a festival of Scottish culture.

Throughout Tartan Week 2007 there will be a variety of events, highlighting the vibrancy of Scottish culture, and our contribution to the world historically and right now.

To build on the successes of previous years, Ministers have produced guidance notes for organisations seeking sponsorship for proposed activity in the U.S. in April 2007. These are designed to ensure that prospective partners propose events or activities that are in line with Ministers priorities for Scotland whilst promoting their organisation to an American audience.

Tartan Week has now firmly established itself as a stalwart of the American calendar. Appealing to those with Scottish ancestry and more generally to those with an interest in a country that has contributed so much to the wider world, we hope that people will celebrate Scotland and enjoy Tartan Week for many more years to come.

Source-Scottish Executive

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