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Bruce Ancestry

Richard Steel ( / ) (IP: )
Great summary! I love Scotland and find Scottish history fascinating, especially being a direct ancestor of King Robert The Bruce as shown in my genealogy website (see link above.

David Rorer ( / ) (IP: )
John Balliol had the senior claim: he was the great-grandson, thru his mother of Margaret, the eldest daughter of Earl David. The argument would center on which was the more important, proximity or primogeniture. Although Robert Bruce was descended from the second daughter, he was a generation nearer David I.
However, Robert Bruce (the Competitor) formally resigned his claim to his son and heir, Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick so that it would not be lost after his death. He, in turn, surrendered his earldom to his own son, Robert Bruce (the future king), who was now eighteen years old. Thus the future king was not the grandson but the great, great, great grandson of the second daughter.

Sue Bruce ( / ) (IP: )
I’ve traced our Bruce ancestry back to John Bruce and Isabella (Mackay) – his father was James Bruce (circa) 1785. They are in South Leith, nr Edinburgh. There are several more generations of Bruces buried at the church in South Leith, but I’m having trouble getting the paper trail straight. I’m 99% sure they are all the same family .. right back to the late 1600s. How do I figure out if there is a connection to the early Bruces of Scotland and this family?

Gail Garreffa ( / ) (IP: )
I am trying to trace my ggg grandfather James Bruce who was born abt. 1827 Dalhousie Scotland and his wife Maria Hendry who was born abt. 1828 Allaway? Scotland. They came to Australia on the “Ticonderoga” in 1852. Does anyone have any information on this couple?

Leigh Bruce ( / ) (IP: )
I’m trying to trace my family line, dont know where to start really!, does anyone have information of any Bruce’ through the years who settled in west cumbria?

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