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Name: Richard Jones | E-mail: | IP:

Ship Alfred Holt Antilocus
Died at sea early 1900@s

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Name: Hannah | E-mail: | IP:

Hi.I am researching this subject as i am designing costumes for a production of Our Country’s Good. I need to know where i can find out details of costumes that the female convicts would have worn If you have any help i would appreciate it as i am struggling to find information and images of this.Any websites or references in London that i could investigate would be very helpful.Thanks.

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Name: Phyllis Slattery | E-mail: | IP:

Where do I look for baptisms of children born to solder in Fourth Regiment of Dragoons,after 1794. He was married in Perth Scotland in 1795.

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Name: Preston | E-mail: | IP:

We are looking for information on the Preston Family history. We know our secendents originated somewhere in Great Britain, Ireland, and general european countries. We also know some of the Preston Family live in Tucson Arizona, and in Northern Kentucky(covington area)

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Name: Ann florence Cameron | E-mail: | IP:

good looking for information re. my Father Robert Cameron who was in the Highlanders during the 2nd world war I know he is deceased but that is all….any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Name: Enrique Lermont | E-mail: | IP:

Hi, im looking for anybody who’s got my lastname in the world (LERMONT) some info regarding my ancestry in Scottland would be good also. (i live in Venezuela)

Enrique Lermont

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Name: Sara | E-mail: | IP:

I am using your site as a bibliography entry for my school paper, so whoever started the site or someone affiliated, if you could send me a name, that would be wonderful, Please send it promptly to this address:; titled Bibliography page Thanks again, keep up the good work

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Name: maxie marshall | E-mail: EMARSHALL32@HOTMAIL.COM | IP:

Bishopville, SC USA

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Name: Emily | E-mail: | IP:

Good day! The descendants of the Mcculloch Family did migrate to the United states to Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and also South Carolina. I have being researching my family history on my grandmothers side and her fathers name was Thomas Homer McCullough who was of Scot-Irish descent which his last name derives from the McCulloch Family of Scotland. I have a picture of the coat of arms from the McCulloch Family in a genealogy family book.

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Name: evelyn thomson | E-mail: | IP:

trying to trace details of my grandfather Peter Forbes..married my grandmother Isabella Martin [maiden name Hume ] 1919 in dad also Peter Forbes born the following year 1920 and placed in care. If anyone can help we would be most grateful..Evelyn

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Name: joseph podmore greensmith | E-mail: | IP:

Iam Barbara charlotte Cheney please can you helpe iam looking for my grand father lived in worsbrough hall in 1912 to 1915-6 his name joseph podmore greensmith if you have any information please let me know thankyou

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Name: thomas o sullivan | E-mail: | IP:

my great granfather thomas timothy osullivan born 1867 baltimore skiberreen. parents thomas and nancy nee o regan.nancy died when he was aged 2. 2 eldre bother emigsted to usa

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Name: callaghan | E-mail: | IP:

looking for my grandparents who either came from clonakilty or bantry. grandmothers name was bridget connor grandfather was john callaghan. they had a daughter who was my mother called margaret mary callaghan. she was born in the workhouse in clonkilty. please someone help as i cannot complete the information i need after 30 years i eventually received my mother’s birth certificate but i am none the wiser. it is really tragic

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Name: Brian Morris | E-mail: | IP:

I am unable to trace the birth of a Caroline Spencer b.Scarborough 1820,she married William Anderson Wardle in Stockton 1833,the only Spencer`s I can trace were in Seamer,but no Caroline.I have checked the records in Beverley Archives with no success,could you perhaps help,or tell me when the next help desk available.
Brian Morris.

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Name: David Kirk | E-mail: | IP:

I am looking for a picture of the Kirk coat of arms. any help possible??

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Name: victor jeans | E-mail: | IP:

I have just learn’t of my father’s involment with pluto. He was mentioned in dispatches in April 1946, I do not know why. Please can anyone help me.

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Name: Julie Hicks | E-mail: | IP:

Karen, I have a William Ogston,born 1821 Fraserburgh and married to his second wife in 1854.He was widowed and i believe that the first marriage took place in Scotland.Our brick wall is the elusive first wife.I have just found a reference for a wedding of WO/Margaret Bruce that says she only lived until 1849.Is there any chance that we are connected??His first son by his second wife had Bruce as his middle name which makes me wonder if it’s possible.Please get in touch,even if it is to say not yours!!!Julie

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Name: anita | E-mail: | IP:

Hi, i’m sorry william a baber was born 1875 from the census married a african american woman lidda jones fair comlpextion.

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Name: anita | E-mail: | IP:

Hello, i was told that it was highly unlike to have any middle eastern come from india to england to usa but my mother traced hers many years ago an heraldry did say it’s afghan with an authentic cerified certificate.My g.grandfather william baber census said england by latter day saints family search.But i also step on some one else toe when i commented on babers of color when i knew there where my mothers proof she was alway know as a mullato,i knew i had these asian eyes for a reson my children even more and hair,skin eye color boggles me also would you please help now theire saying not from england but born on a reservation prectinct born ky. thanks a million
sincerly anita

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