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Comments on Trade Unions and Merchant Seamen

Adele Conn ( / ) (IP: )
My great grandfather was a merchant seaman at Mildam Southshields. John Herbert Jones, joined the Merchant Seamen in 1945. Trying to retrace his steps. ANyone help?

B C Chadwick ( / ) (IP: )
My Grandfather was a Purser prior to 1939/45 war. Transferred to Naval Auxiliary. Was lost a sea on 22nd Dec 1941

B C Chadwick ( / ) (IP: )
Tracing Ch Steward James Penkeyman KNOWLES

B C Chadwick ( / ) (IP: )
Tracing James Penkeyman KNOWLES.541899 Ch Steward.Killed in action HMS Audacity

Rachel Griffiths ( / ) (IP: )
Trying to track down Edward Cullen, Merchant Navy 1920s, ’30s, 50’s. P&O line latterly. All info welcome. Rachel Griffiths

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