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Comments on The Clans of Scotland-The Buchanan

Lindsey ( / ) (IP: )
I didn’t really read it but I bet it was great! I am trying to find things about my family history. ( the Buchanan family) Pray for me and give me hope. Bye!!!


Kayla ( / ) (IP: )
I’m trying to find information on the Buchanan Clan, which is my own. It’s not an easy thing to find information about. Just little bits here and there. Too bad.

Malcolm ( / ) (IP: )
Just browsed in; I am researching BUCHANAN in Trean of Leny by Callander Perthshire & the Strathgartney area

moira-jane ( / ) (IP: )
hi, I am a Gilbert of the clan Buchanan, and I’m trying to make my family tree.
Ive found lots of onformation but somewhere allong the line (between 1700-1800) I am missing some information!
Who can help me, I’ve tried everything!!!!!

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