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Serious Misuse of Forum

Due to the actions of one stupid individual or company using the Free Genealogy Forums to advertise drugs. Serious consideration is being taken very reluctantly to take the Free Genealogy Forums off the website if this doesn’t cease forthworth which will effect many people who use it for serious Genealogical research. Further the matter will be reported to the police and the proper authorities to take action against the person or persons doing this if this doesn’t stop.

Can I suggest the individual or company who is doing this to cease doing this forthwith and can I further suggest that instead of being like a parasite to build your own website to sale your wares instead of using other peoples websites. Just stop being so selfish and remember it takes many hours of very hard work to build and create a website that is hopefully of benefit and of use to many people around the world.

So please just stop it.

The Editor

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