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How the Unknown Warrior Came home

The Unknown Warrior was first suggested by J. B. Wilson, then News Editor of the”DailyExpress,” in the issue of September 16, 1919. He wrote: “Shall an unnamed British hero be brought from a battlefield in France and buried beneath the Cenotaph in Whitehall?” The suggestion was adapted, but Westminster Abbey, not Whitehall, was chosen as the resting place.
Early in November, 1920, the bodies of six unknown men, killed in action, were brought to a hut at St. Pol, near Arras. The Unknown Warrior who was to receive an Empire’s homage was chosen by an officer who, with closed eyes, rested his hand on one of the six coffins. This was the coffin that came to England.

Marshal Foch salutes the unknown soldier

HMS Verdun on the crossing from Boulogne

The deck of the “Verdun” with sailors guarding the coffin

Dover harbour

Six officers carry the coffin from the army,navy, Marines and Air Force

George V place a wreath on the Coffin

Field Marshall Haig helps the King

The Unknown Soldier is carried into Westminister Abbey

Sentries from the four services stand guard as the coffin lies in state

The grave is filled in

Over a hundred sandbags with French earth is used to fill fill the grave

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