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This man claims he is king of Scotland, a descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie, with lineage to the Knights Templar. Others claim his passports are fake and he is a fantasist. So, who is Michael Stewart?

IT might seem an inauspicious residence for the rightful monarch of Scotland. Then again, His Royal Highness Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart of Albany’s one-bedroom Edinburgh flat is only a stone’s throw from Princes Street and a few miles from Holyrood Palace: surely the aspirational home of the man who would be king. Michael’s claim to noble birth is simple: he was, he says, born of royal Scottish blood in Brussels at 6.10am on April 21, 1958. His mother, Princess Renée Julienne Stewart, was the direct descendant of Charles Edward Stewart, known to history as Bonnie Prince Charlie, and thus, Michael insists, he is the true heir to the throne of Scotland . In 1746, after his Jacobite army was thrashed by the Duke of Cumberland at the battle of Culloden , Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to the continent to lick his wounds. According to Michael Stewart, decades later in Rome, the notorious womaniser chalked up a second marriage in a secret ceremony. The union is unrecorded by history. Yet from the offspring of this second, unknown marriage, Michael claims his direct descent from Prince Charlie. for more click here

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