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Birth rate keeps on rising

More than 54,000 new Scots were born in 2005 – the highest number of births in Scotland since 1999, the Registrar General announced today as he published provisional figures for births, deaths and marriages registered during the year.

Provisional figures for the full year show a continued increase in births and a slight decline in the number of deaths with particular decreases in two of Scotland’s top three biggest causes of death – strokes and heart disease.

Duncan Macniven, Registrar General for Scotland, said:

“There were 420 more births in 2005 than in 2004, making the annual births for 2005 (54,387) the highest since 1999. The annual increase is under one per cent though – much less than the increase of almost three per cent between 2003 and 2004. The recent upturn in the birth rate is encouraging but it may be easing off.

“Deaths in 2005 (55,747) showed a small decrease (440 or 0.8 per cent) on 2004. Cancer (27.2 per cent), coronary heart disease (18.5 per cent) and strokes (10.41 per cent) remain the three biggest causes of death. However, compared with 2004 the number of deaths from coronary heart disease fell by four per cent (to 10,326). The number caused by strokes fell by six per cent (to 5,800).

“There were 30,881 marriages – four per cent fewer than in 2004. Divorces also fell, by almost four per cent.”

Source-Scottish Executive

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