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Each grief has its unique side

Deborah A Miranda is of American Indian ancestry and her poetry explores survivorship. This poem about bereavement is written from her grief on the death of her lover. ‘Advice from La Llorona.’ “Each grief has its unique side. Choose the one that appeals to you. Go Gently. Your body needs energy to repair the amputation. Humor phantom pain. Your brain cells are soaked with salt; connections fail unexpectedly and often. Ask for help. Accept help. Read your grief like the daily newspaper: headlines may have information you need. Scream. Drop-kick the garbage can across the street. Don’t feel guilty if you have a good time. Don’t act as if you haven’t been hit by a Mack Truck. Do things a little differently but don’t make a lot of changes. Revel in contradiction. Talk to the person who died. Give her a piece of your mind. Try to touch someone at least once a day. Approach grief with determination. Pretend the finish line doesn’t keep receding. Lean into the pain. You can’t out run it.”


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